About Us

More Than 50 Years of Excellence
in the HVAC and Hydronics Industries.

Hydronic Technology, Inc. was founded in 1951 by Robert Earl Meyers, with the name R.E. Meyers and Associates. Fulfilling a requirement of Bell & Gossett, Earl moved to New Orleans from Shreveport and after a brief stint working out of his car, set up the original office on South White Street. At some point early on the company moved again to Huso Street before it relocated to its current warehouse location on Martin Luther King Dr. in 1979. Through Earl’s drive and dedication, quality products and a highly trained sales staff attuned to the needs of our customers, the company grew into a premier regional sales organization serving the needs of the Louisiana/Mississippi Hydronic HVAC market with offices in New Orleans, Shreveport and Jackson, MS.

Earl trained and developed many local icons in the industry including his next two successors in Mr. Benjamin Bullock who presided over the company until 1995, and Charlie Hoffman who presided until 2000. Another of Earls employees was Mr. Charlie Catledge who opened the first office in Jackson, MS for the RE Meyers company, and later left to start the Charles Catledge Company which played a large role in the Mississippi Hydronic Industry.

Many industry experts and leaders throughout Louisiana and Mississippi have worked for the company Mr. R.E. Meyers started, including; Joe Harris, Ron Sumerville, George “Buddy” Rau, Ed “Mac Makofsky, Ken Martin, Elsie Taggert, Gerald Case, Bill Lifsey, Bob McDonald and Joe Skelton, Pres. 2000-2004. 

In July of 1995, the leaders of R.E. Meyers and Associates, decided to change the name to Hydronic Technology, Inc. to more clearly reflect  the mission of the company, while staying true to the core principles of attentive customer service, knowledge based sales and integrity outlined by Earl Meyers. Today Hydronic Technology is not only the leader in water-side HVAC sales in Louisiana and Mississippi, it is also a great place to work, with the majority of our employees having worked here for well over 10-years.   

In 2005 Hydronic Technology’s New Orleans office was devastated by hurricane Katrina. Due to the perseverance, dedication and fortitude of the leaders and employees of Hydronic Technology, we have emerged stronger, more dedicated to our mission and proud to serve our market with the high degree of service and integrity which is the keystone of our organization for now and years to come.